Kathryn Bond

Image: Iwona Sasiuk

Don’t make this into a sign and put it above your loo

Tell them your grateful but don’t be a suck-up. Let them inspire you but just be yourself. Run and walk before you can think and don’t try too hard but be cool, but be better. Dream big but rent. Don’t be bought but make time – make time for it all. It’s happening, but don’t get attached. Give less of a shit and don’t want it too much. Relax. Unclench. Care. Impress, oh impress yes but rebel. It’s fine. Don’t panic. Looks like you’ve got this. You take it from here. Your going? So soon? Yeah, it’s over real quick.

At the moment..

  • I don’t want to wee on a stick.
  • I feel lucky to have time to worry.
  • My make up doesn’t stay on. My pals don’t seem to mind.
  • I sometimes pretend to be my female friends if I’m uncomfortable In a situation and I think they would handle it better if they were there. It helps.
  • I struggle to finish a sentence because details are important, not interesting always but…
  • I’ve said I don’t want certain things throughout my life because that’s what I felt was expected of a woman, but actually I do want them. Fuck.
  • A lot of my closest pals are in pain because they want, don’t want, are trying for a baby. It’s come on quick.
  • I would actually like to spend a day cleaning my flat.
  • When some of your friends have kids you realise you were their kid for a long time.
  • Sometimes you can ask too many people for advice.
  • Trying to make your therapist laugh is not always the best use of time.
  • I said some weird things to older women when I was younger about having kids.
  • My mum got married young didn’t she? Ok that’s a question.
  • I like art because of the community. Sometimes I like the people bit more than the art.
  • Crying is actually a great opportunity.

Pleased you’re pleased

I’m fed up with being a people pleaser

It’s boring and tiring and in the end – no one is pleased.

‘Say what you really mean! Stop just saying yes. You are doing my head in.’

‘Im trying – give me a sec.’

You can’t spend years trying to say the right thing then just flick a switch and fuck off. Then tell everyone to just ‘fuck off.’

Habits are hard.

I was told to write a list of women i admire. None were walkovers and get this, almost all of them DRIVE.

I’ve never driven.

I’ll buy a bike.

Kathryn Bond